Just thought they look nice. Laters!



So I have these two friends who are just always so cool its awesome and they seem to make everything look so good. The tall one is a cool basketball player and the shorter one is Abby (again). They make me so happy that I thought maybe they would do the same for anyone seeing this. Hope you like it. Laters!

Cool Skies

I have taken a lot of photos of the sky lately and decided to alter them each a bit. I spent a lot of time thinking of how it would be if we saw the sky as different colors, then we would really be seeing different skies. I wonder what sky I would want to be under. I personally can’t decide what sky truly is my favorite, but maybe some other people can. I think I’ll do more of these later on so maybe this will be the part one of a bigger series. Laters!

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My Best Friend, Abba

So this is Abba (a.k.a. Abby a.k.a. Abbs) my best friend. She is also a photographer, her blog is, and there you will find photos of me that are older than the ones on this blog and some that are pretty current as well. She is my robin and I am her Batman (so you can clearly tell which one of us is the leader hehehe… But actually she just lets me feel in charge). So here she is and hopefully you will see more of her and my friends in the future. Laters!

For the two images of both Abby and I photo reds to Kenzie King